September 17, 2016

As Summer transitioned to Autumn, 11 Transit Traders met.

Announcements included that there are 4 new Artists in the Transit Building.

We had another discussion about the direction of the group.  For now, we will determine at each meeting what we are doing for the next meeting.  Opinions continue to vary from staying with Artist Trading Cards entirely to shifting to other projects.

Vicky's demonstration and workshop included making backgrounds with bubbles using food coloring.  This was so fun!  Thank you Vicky!

Bridgett is catching the bubbles on paper that Vicky is blowing with premixed bubble solution and food coloring.
We did our Show and Tell of the Challenges from the July Meeting: 1) Die Cut/Embossing using a Cuttlebug and 2) Pocket Pages.  We then did (3) Trades: our Blind Trade for 2016 - Countries, a Trade for Pocket Pages, and then our regular Trade.

So, for November's meeting, we are going to do a Service Project for a local nursing home.  Please bring at least 5 ATCs that can be used to make greeting cards.  They can be for Christmas, the Holidays, or Winter or they can be Thinking Of You.  At the meeting, we will then put the ATCs on cardstock to make the greeting cards.  Please then sign "Made by Transit Traders," on the back.  Sara's Girl Scouts will then sign some of the cards and give them out to residents.  We will also donate the unused cards.  This will make a lot of people smile!

There will not be a demonstration/workshop for the next meeting.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 1pm.  Please bring:
1) Challenge:  ATC using Food Coloring Bubble Background
2) Challenge: Pocket Page (with 1 additional ATC)
3) 2016 Blind Trade- Countries: November: Kenya; December: Morocco
4) Supplies for the Service Project listed above (5 ATCs, cardstock, adhesives, cutters)
5) Regular Trade of Christmas/Holiday/Winter ATCs

See you at the next meeting!