Paper Molding Technique

Shared and demonstrated by Nancy Linkewitz at the May 2015 Transit Traders Meeting

Sample by Nancy Linkewitz

This technique creates a molded paper accent which can be used as a focal point or an embellishment on your ATCs.

You will need a rubber stamp without a lot of detail, a paper product of your choice (toilet paper, paper towels, or napkins- cheaper is better!), water in a shallow lid or tray, an applicator for the water such as a paint brush, q-tip, or make-up applicator. Optional items include tacky glue and a product to color your molded paper such as an ink pad, gellatos, etc.

1. Wet the entire image of the stamp with water. Nancy just dipped the stamp in the tray of water.

2. Place a single sheet of paper over the rubber stamp.

3. Wet the paint brush (or q-tip/make-up applicator) and gently work the paper down around the rubber image of the stamp. If the paper tears a bit, that is OK, it will not be noticeable in the final product. Repeatedly wet the paintbrush as needed.

4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 several more times, continuing to work the paper down around the image of the stamp. Nancy recommends using approximately 8 layers of toilet paper and 6 layers of paper towel.

5. Allow the paper to dry completely on the rubber stamp.

6. Use your paper mold as is, or color with a pigment of your choice. Remember that water-based pigments may cause the mold to lose its shape. For a more permanent image, Nancy suggests painting the molded paper with a bit of tacky glue before it dries.

The following samples were colored with Chalk Ink pads by Colorbox: