November 19, 2016

As Thanksgiving was literally around the corner and the first snowflakes fell, Transit Traders met in the Transit Building.  10 Artists were present.  6 traded, 1 by proxy.

Announcements began with Marilyn encouraging people to attend the current show next door at the Graffiti Gallery.  For information :

Also, Artists shared about a post on facebook encouraging people to donate items to food pantries that are often needed:  chocolate, feminine products, toiletries, spices, and socks.

Brenda shared about an art/craft store she recommends:  Monkey Business at 26th and Legion in Erie, PA.

Next were Show and Tells of ATCs using the Food Coloring Bubble Technique and also Round 2 of the Pocket Pages.

We then did our trades - the end of the 2016 Countries Blind Trade, Pocket Pages, and then our Regular Trade.

We decided on a Theme for a Blind Trade in 2017:  Colors.  This trade is optional.  To participate, make (1) ATC for each month following the theme.  You will then blindly trade with other participants and receive (1) ATC from another Artist.  The schedule is:

January:  Blue
February:  Silver
March:  Purple
April:  Yellow
May:  Orange
June:  Green
July:  Turquoise
August:  Pink
September:  Sepia/Brown
October:  Black
November:  Gold
December:  Red

During the meeting, we converted ATCs into Greeting Cards to donate to a local nursing home as part of a Service Project for Sarah's Girl Scouts.  We had about 30 in total by the end of the meeting!  These cards will be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

The plan for the next meeting is to make an ATC Book to display and store our ATCs (approximately 10 or so).  Nancy L. and Linda will bring in books they have made and will share with the rest of the group.  This will be "crop style," so bring cardstock, mat board (if you have it), glue, embellishments, and maybe photo corners (if you want to remove your ATCs).  Also, you can bring your 10 (or so) ATCs that you want to put in your book.  This book is for you, not for a trade.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, January 21st at 1pm at the Transit Building.  Members are invited to meet for lunch beforehand at 11:30am.  Please check your email for details.

For the next meeting, please bring:
1) (1) ATC for 2017 Colors - Blind Trade (optional):  January: Blue; February: Silver
2) Pocket Pages (with 1 additional ATC)
3) Supplies for the ATC Books (see above)
5) JAMS (optional)

Happy Holidays!!!!