July 9, 2016

Happy 10th Anniversary Transit Traders!  Thank you to Marilyn and Linda for sharing highlights from the minutes of the first meeting and for bringing a cake!

9 Artists were present.  8 traded.

Lisa shared multiple ways to display Artist Trading Cards, including an easel, a box, a book, and a magnet.  Thank you Lisa!

Linda did a Demonstration & Workshop of the Cuttlebug.  Thank you Linda!

We did our show and tells of ATCs using the melted crayon technique and the jar die cut.

Next, we did our Blind Trade of Countries and then our regular trade.

To help people stay artistically inspired, we had a lengthy discussion and brainstorming session.  It was agreed upon that gathering, being together in-person, is priority for each Artist.  We will continue to meet every 2 months.  What we will do in future meetings is to be determined.  It was suggested that twice a year - in the summer and right before the holidays, that we do not trade ATCs but rather meet and work on any project we want, without the purpose of trading.  It would be like a crop.  For the other 4 meetings in the year, we discussed making and trading other items.  For some of the meetings, we will still trade ATCs as many Artists enjoy trading them and to keep the integrity of the group.  Please bring your ideas and feedback to the next meeting.

Several Artists shared a new trend: Pocket Pages - a collection of 9 ATCs in a 9-pocket vinyl binder page with a theme.  We will start a Pocket Page for the next meeting by making one ATC and putting it in the page using any theme of your choice (birds, butterflies, a color scheme, etc.).  Be sure to label the ATC so we know whose page it is, please!

For the next meeting, please bring:
*Challenge:  Make 1 ATC with the die cut or embossing folder from the Cuttlebug
*2016 Blind Trade: Countries: Russia and China
*Start a Pocket Page (see above)
*Regular Trade

Vicky will do the next Demonstration and Workshop.  Thank you Vicky!

Next meeting is Saturday, September 17, 2016 at 1pm at the Transit Building.