May 19, 2018

In the new meeting location of the Transit Fine Arts Gallery itself, 4 Transit Traders met and traded.  The Staff at the Gallery were generous enough to set-up tables and chairs in the second room to allow Artists to meet.  It was impossible to not browse at all of the beautiful artwork by local artists!

The Artists discussed ongoing recruitment efforts.  While there was expressed interest, potential new members were unable to attend the May meeting.  Artists will continue their outreach.

Artists participated in Blind Trades for May - Pig and June - Cat.  

Sarah demonstrated and work-shopped a very clever technique - using a glue stick to glue patterned Vellum paper on patterned paper.  Thank you Sarah!

Patterned Vellum Paper & Patterned Paper - Unassembled

Final Product - After Using a Glue Stick (And a Heavy Book to Help With Adhesion)

Jenn will do a demonstration and workshop for the next meeting using Nuvo Mousse, Tim Holtz Distress Markers, and stamped images.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, July 21st at 1pm in the Transit Fine Arts Gallery.  
Please bring:
*Make-Up for May Challenge: (1) ATC using Yupo Paper  
*Challenge: (1) ATC using Vellum/Patterned Paper
*Challenge: (1) ATC using the leftover supplies from the March Kit
*Blind Trade: July - Elephant and August - Frogs
*Regular Trade

March 2018 Trades

March 17, 2018

On a sunny but brisk day, 5 Artists met in the Transit Annex to share and create.  5 Artists traded, 1 of which was by proxy.

Due to low interest, the Art Group that was going to meet in the mornings of the Transit Traders' meetings has been cancelled.  Sarah is considering alternatives and will keep Artists posted.

Members participated in the 2018 Animal Blind Trade with Giraffe for March and Dog for April.   The animals for May and June are Pig and Cat, respectively.

The Pocket Pages are complete, as some Artists volunteered to make 2 cards for some.  Pocket Pages will be returned to the original Artist.  Jenn sent out an email today to current and former Transit Traders as a reminder.

Regarding supplies, Sue suggested green "Frog Tape" for projects rather than blue painters' tape.  It can be found on or at Walmart; search for "frog tape painters tape."

We discussed how to increase membership.  Nancy L. will put an ad on SwapBot.  Jenn will post information on Facebook.

Artists brought 1-2 items to contribute to an ATC supply kit for the May Challenge.  Artists are to use a combination of items in the kit to create an ATC; all objects do not need to be used.  Save the extras/leftovers in case we want to use them for a Challenge in July or later in the year.

Jenn then demonstrated some of the fun techniques of using Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper - including using the applicators, using blending solution, making circles within circles, and using a straw.  Sue used Alcohol Inks with Stencils which resulted in a very interesting background. 

The next meeting will be on May 19th at 1pm in the Transit Fine Arts Gallery in the Transit Building.  We will set-up a table in the "back" room to work.  Sarah has volunteered to do a demonstration and workshop involving Vellum and Acetate.  Thank you Sarah!

For next time, May 19th at 1pm, please bring:
*Challenge: Make (1) ATC using supplies from the kit created on March 17, 2018
*Challenge: Make (1) ATC from the Alcohol Ink/Yupo Paper Workshop
*2018 Blind Trade: Animals:  May-Pig; June-Cat
*Regular Trade
*Please note the change in location

January 20, 2018

After sub-zero weather this month, sunshine and temperatures in the 40s were very welcome by the Artists.  Sharing ideas and planning for the New Year, 4 Artists met and traded.

Artists participated in the Animal Blind Trade of 2018 : January - Penguins and February- Lovebirds.  Artists shared the results of the November 2017 Challenge: Make an ATC with a rubber stamp.  The Pocket Page trade continued and is almost complete.  Artists participated in the Regular Trade and JAMS as well.

Jenn requested that Artists bring 8 of the same items (buttons, scrap paper, foil, etc.) to the March meeting to contribute to an ATC Challenge Kit for the meeting in May 2018.  The more unconventional the item the better!

The next meeting will be on Saturday, March 17th at 1pm. 

Jenn will do the next Demonstration & Workshop: Using Alcohol Inks with Yupo Paper.  Please bring any alcohol inks and alcohol ink applicators that you may have and basic crafting supplies (scissors, cutter, cardstock, etc.). 

Please remember:
Challenge : Make (1) ATC with the theme of  "Luck."
Assignment: Bring 8 items that will be part of a kit for the May Meeting
2018 Animal Blind Trade:  March: Giraffe; April: Dogs
Pocket Page
Regular Trade

2018 Theme List: Animals

The theme for the Blind Trade for 2018 is Animals. 
Make (1) ATC to trade. 
(The "blind" refers to the cards being drawn out of a bag.)

January: Penguins
February: Lovebirds
March: Giraffes
April: Dogs
May: Pigs
June: Cats
July: Elephants
August: Frogs
September: Kangaroos
October: Pandas
November: Sheep
December: Rabbits

November 18, 2017

To celebrate the group, Artists brought food and drinks for the last meeting of the year which was also the last meeting for some.  Several Artists have decided it is time to move on to other artistic or life adventures; they will be missed.  Transit Traders has been more than a bi-monthly meeting to trade cards; it has been a circle of friendship, inspiration, and artistic sharing. 

A group of Artists will continue to be active and go forward.

The group participated in a show and tell of the ATCs made with Sue's technique with the napkins.  Artists then participated in a blind trade for the 2017 Color Theme - November was Gold and December was Red.

Artists continued to trade Pocket Pages, which are nearly completed, followed by the Regular Trade.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 1pm at the Transit Building.  Please bring:
1) Challenge: (1) ATC using Rubber Stamps
2) 2018 Animal Theme:  (1) ATC - January: Penguins & (1) ATC- February: Lovebirds
3) Pocket Page: Add (1) additional ATC
4) Regular Trade