September 16, 2017

As the official start of Autumn was days away, nine Artists met in the Transit Building.  

The meeting began with a discussion about the direction of the group as many Artists are interested in moving-on.  As there was not a final conclusion, the group decided to meet again on October 14th to discuss "What's Next?"  The end result was that there will be two groups - an Art Group that will meet in the mornings of the days of the Transit Traders meeting and will be led by Artists to teach different techniques and mediums.  The Transit Traders will continue as a group and will meet in the afternoons.  Everyone is encouraged to recruit new Artists!

Artists participated in the Blind Trade: September was Sepia/Brown and October was Black.  Artists then traded Pocket Pages and then ATCs in the Regular Trade.

Sue did a demonstration with napkins and saran wrap.  Thank you Sue!

The next meeting will be on November 18, 2017 at 1pm.  It will be the last meeting before the spin-off Art Group.  So please bring:
1) A potluck food item to celebrate our years together
2) Challenge : An ATC with Sue's technique
3) Blind Color Trade:  November: Gold; December: Red
4) Regular Trade
5) Pocket Page Trade

July 8, 2017

The weekend after 4th of July festivities, 10 Transit Traders met in the Transit Building; 5 traded.

Jenn collected more greeting cards for the Mental Health Awareness Project, thank you for your donations!  Artists shared their Show and Tell of the Gilded Flakes Technique, as demonstrated by Brenda.  There was the Blind Color Trade : July was Turquoise & August was Pink.  Artists then traded Pocket Pages followed by the Regular Trade.  JAMS were also available if Artists wanted to participate.

The second part of the meeting was an Open Session, to work on any project - any medium.  Artists enjoyed the opportunity to chat and connect.

Linda or Sue will do the next demonstration.  Thank you!

The next meeting will be on September 16th at 1pm.  Please bring:
1) (1) ATC for each month for the Blind Color Trades:
      September: Sepia/Brown and October: Black
2) Regular Trade
3) Pocket Page with (1) additional ATC
5) Greeting Cards for MH Awareness Project (ongoing)

May 20, 2017

Although, the weather has been up, down, and all around lately, the weather was lovely for the Transit Traders meeting.  10 Artists met, 9 traded.

Linda proposed that we meet for lunch before the next meeting.  Please check your email for details. Jenn shared details about Adventures in Stamping, a 2-day convention in Akron, Ohio in April.  The same organization also has a 1-day convention in October.

Jenn collected more greeting cards for the Mental Health Awareness Project.

Artists participated in the Blind Color Trades for May - Orange and June - Green.  Each person put their ATC in a bag and then each person selected one out of the bag.

Then, Artists traded Pocket Pages.  It is so neat to see how each one evolves!

Brenda brought a new product to the group for the Demonstration and Workshop : Nuvo Gliding Flakes.  Thank you Brenda!

Step 1:  Stamp an image on cardstock using Versamark ink
Step 2:  Sprinkle Heat & Stick Powder on the image
Step 3:  Apply the Gilding Flakes onto the image
Step 4:  Press down lightly to make sure it is covered
Step 5:  Brush away using scrub brush sponge

Brenda mixed the colors in a container, which she also uses for storage

After applying the flakes, use this scrub brush to remove the excess

Lisa, Bridgett, and Brenda

Voila!  A multi-colored metallic embossed image!

It was agreed upon to not have a Demonstration or Workshop for the next meeting, but rather to bring whatever project we are working on (or something new) and play - crop style.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, July 8th at 1pm at the Transit Building.
For the next meeting, please bring:
* Challenge: (1) ATC with a stamped image using Nuvo Gilding Flakes
* Blind Color Trade: (1) ATC for July - Turquoise
   and (1) ATC for August: Pink
* Pocket Page with (1) additional ATC
* Regular Trade
* Whatever supplies you want to bring for a 1-hour crop session
* Greeting Cards for MH Awareness Project (ongoing)

March 25, 2017

The crocuses are up.  The weather is warmer.  Spring is here!

13 Transit Traders attended the March meeting.

Artists participated in the Blind Color Trade and the Pocket Page Trade.

Jenn collected cards for the ongoing Mental Health Awareness Project.  Thank you!

Linda shared her design for a Pop-Up ATC.  Thank you Linda!  What a beautiful design!

Brenda will do the next demonstration and workshop.  

For the next meeting on May 20, 2017 at 1pm, please bring:
*Challenge:  (1) ATC  - Using Linda's Pop-Up Design
*Blind Color Trade : May- Orange; June - Green
*Pocket Page to Trade with (1) additional ATC
*Regular Trade - (15) ATCs
*Greeting Card(s) for MH Awareness Project

January 21, 2017

Settling into the New Year, 9 Artists met in the Transit Building.  

Nancy L. demonstrated how to make a decorative book to hold 4 ATCs.  Thank you Nancy!

Artists participated in the 2017 Colors Blind Trade for January (Blue) and February (Silver) followed by the Pocket Pages trade.

Jenn requested a greeting card using an  ATC for a Mental Health Outreach project for the next meeting.  The card can be blank inside or have a positive greeting or quote.

Linda will be doing a demonstration and workshop of another book for ATCs for the next meeting.   Thank you Linda!

There will not be a regular trade for the next meeting.  Please see below.

The next meeting will be on March 25, 2017 at 1pm.  Please bring:
1) A greeting card using an ATC for the Mental Health Outreach project
2) One ATC book with 4 ATCs to trade at the next meeting  (Just one to trade)
3) 2017 Colors Blind Trade: March: Purple; April: Yellow - One ATC for each
4) Ideas for projects for future meetings in 2017

November 19, 2016

As Thanksgiving was literally around the corner and the first snowflakes fell, Transit Traders met in the Transit Building.  10 Artists were present.  6 traded, 1 by proxy.

Announcements began with Marilyn encouraging people to attend the current show next door at the Graffiti Gallery.  For information :

Also, Artists shared about a post on facebook encouraging people to donate items to food pantries that are often needed:  chocolate, feminine products, toiletries, spices, and socks.

Brenda shared about an art/craft store she recommends:  Monkey Business at 26th and Legion in Erie, PA.

Next were Show and Tells of ATCs using the Food Coloring Bubble Technique and also Round 2 of the Pocket Pages.

We then did our trades - the end of the 2016 Countries Blind Trade, Pocket Pages, and then our Regular Trade.

We decided on a Theme for a Blind Trade in 2017:  Colors.  This trade is optional.  To participate, make (1) ATC for each month following the theme.  You will then blindly trade with other participants and receive (1) ATC from another Artist.  The schedule is:

January:  Blue
February:  Silver
March:  Purple
April:  Yellow
May:  Orange
June:  Green
July:  Turquoise
August:  Pink
September:  Sepia/Brown
October:  Black
November:  Gold
December:  Red

During the meeting, we converted ATCs into Greeting Cards to donate to a local nursing home as part of a Service Project for Sarah's Girl Scouts.  We had about 30 in total by the end of the meeting!  These cards will be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

The plan for the next meeting is to make an ATC Book to display and store our ATCs (approximately 10 or so).  Nancy L. and Linda will bring in books they have made and will share with the rest of the group.  This will be "crop style," so bring cardstock, mat board (if you have it), glue, embellishments, and maybe photo corners (if you want to remove your ATCs).  Also, you can bring your 10 (or so) ATCs that you want to put in your book.  This book is for you, not for a trade.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, January 21st at 1pm at the Transit Building.  Members are invited to meet for lunch beforehand at 11:30am.  Please check your email for details.

For the next meeting, please bring:
1) (1) ATC for 2017 Colors - Blind Trade (optional):  January: Blue; February: Silver
2) Pocket Pages (with 1 additional ATC)
3) Supplies for the ATC Books (see above)
5) JAMS (optional)

Happy Holidays!!!!

September 17, 2016

As Summer transitioned to Autumn, 11 Transit Traders met.

Announcements included that there are 4 new Artists in the Transit Building.

We had another discussion about the direction of the group.  For now, we will determine at each meeting what we are doing for the next meeting.  Opinions continue to vary from staying with Artist Trading Cards entirely to shifting to other projects.

Vicky's demonstration and workshop included making backgrounds with bubbles using food coloring.  This was so fun!  Thank you Vicky!

Bridgett is catching the bubbles on paper that Vicky is blowing with premixed bubble solution and food coloring.
We did our Show and Tell of the Challenges from the July Meeting: 1) Die Cut/Embossing using a Cuttlebug and 2) Pocket Pages.  We then did (3) Trades: our Blind Trade for 2016 - Countries, a Trade for Pocket Pages, and then our regular Trade.

So, for November's meeting, we are going to do a Service Project for a local nursing home.  Please bring at least 5 ATCs that can be used to make greeting cards.  They can be for Christmas, the Holidays, or Winter or they can be Thinking Of You.  At the meeting, we will then put the ATCs on cardstock to make the greeting cards.  Please then sign "Made by Transit Traders," on the back.  Sara's Girl Scouts will then sign some of the cards and give them out to residents.  We will also donate the unused cards.  This will make a lot of people smile!

There will not be a demonstration/workshop for the next meeting.

The next meeting will be on Saturday, November 19, 2016 at 1pm.  Please bring:
1) Challenge:  ATC using Food Coloring Bubble Background
2) Challenge: Pocket Page (with 1 additional ATC)
3) 2016 Blind Trade- Countries: November: Kenya; December: Morocco
4) Supplies for the Service Project listed above (5 ATCs, cardstock, adhesives, cutters)
5) Regular Trade of Christmas/Holiday/Winter ATCs

See you at the next meeting!