Washi Tape Techniques for ATCs

Shared and demonstrated by Sue Spencer at the March 2016 Transit Traders Meeting

Washi tape has made its way from Japan to the United States and crafters are buying roll after roll to add to their stash of supplies. Who can resist this tape? It is cute, colorful, and cheap!

Sue demonstrated several ways to use washi tape in our ATCs.

Using Washi Tape to Create a Background for an ATC:

You will need background paper and rolls of washi tape.

1) Cut your ATC background to the proper size (3.5 inches by 2.5 inches).
2) Apply strips of washi tape to the card. You can place the strips horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. You can also cover the entire background or only part of it. You might also rip the tape into pieces, or apply it to a background that is already partially completed.

3) Embellish the background as desired.

Using Washi Tape to Create a Sticker.

You will need washi tape and waxed paper for this technique, as well as scissors and a pen.

1) Apply strips of washi tape to a sheet of waxed paper. It is important to overlap the edges of the tape so the sticker holds together.
2) After you have the desired amount of washi tape on the waxed paper, flip it over and draw the desired shape of your sticker on the waxed paper.
3) Cut out the sticker using scissors, and then peel the washi tape off of the waxed paper to use the sticker. Alternatively you can use a punch to punch out a sticker. Try placing the waxed paper over a sheet of cardstock to make the waxed paper easier to punch.

Samples by Nicole Keller