Gelli Plate Background Technique

Shared and demonstrated by Sue Spencer at the September 2015 Transit Traders Meeting

Sample by Nicole Keller

This technique can be used to create a background for an ATC or to add interesting color and texture to book pages, map, scrapbook paper, deli paper, etc.!

You will need a gelli plate, acrylic paints, a brayer, and paper. Optional materials may include bubble wrap, a texture comb, or other material which can be used to make interesting textures and designs in the paint.

1. Drop paint onto the gelli plate.

2. Using a brayer, roll paint onto the gelli plate.

Alternatively or additionally, you can use a texture comb, bubble wrap, or other tool to create a design in the paint at this stage.

3. Lay a stencil on top of the paint on the gelli plate, and then press paper of your choice on top of the stencil and gelli plate.

4. Pull the paper off the gelli plate to get a print.

5. Then, pull the stencil off of the gelli plate and place the stencil paint side down onto paper of your choice.

6. If desired, use the brayer and more paper to pull more prints from the gelli plate.