Embossed Aluminum HVAC Tape Technique

Embossed Aluminum HVAC Tape Technique

Shared and demonstrated by Nicole Keller at the March 2015 Transit Traders Meeting

This technique creates an embossed and colorful piece of aluminum to add to your ATCs.

You will need an embossing folder and machine (such as the Big Shot), aluminum foil HVAC tape (see below), cardstock, alcohol ink(s)/permanent markers/Copic markers, and a sanding block or sand paper if desired. If you use alcohol inks you will need a sponge or dabber to spread the ink around, if desired.

Aluminum foil tape can be purchased in the heating/cooling section of a store such as Home Depot or Lowes:

1. Cut a piece of aluminum tape to the size you desire. Adhere it to a piece of cardstock the same size or larger.

2. Place the tape/cardstocks on the inside of an embossing folder and run it through the embossing machine.

3. Remove the tape/cardstock from the embosssing folder and place on a flat surface.

4. Add color to the foil using alcohol inks or markers.

5. If desired, use a sanding block to sand the raised areas which will remove the color and make the embossed pattern pop.

Barb, Marilyn, Nancy, and Lisa are embossing and inking!

HINT: If you don't care to invest in a machine, you can also use a rolling pin with an embossing folder!