Stamps as Tools Technique

"Stamp and Twist or Stamp and Slide"

Shared and Demonstrated by Sue Spencer at the January 2015 Transit Traders Meeting

This technique allows the artist to combine various colors of ink and various rubber stamps into a single image.

You will need various stamps and several colors of ink pads.

1. Ink a background stamp. It can be a solid shape (such as a star, circle, or square) or an image stamp (such as a background or pattern). Place it ink side up on the table.

2. Ink a second stamp. A stamp with an image on it works best.

3. Touch the inked surface of the second stamp to the ink surfaced of the first stamp, then 'twist' or 'slide' the second stamp on the inked surface of the first stamp.

4. Stamp the first stamp onto your cardstock. You will create a multicolor image that has components of both rubber stamps.

Leslie and Vicki practice twisting and sliding stamps.