Embossing Folder Rubbing Technique

Shared and demonstrated by Sue Spencer at the July 2015 Transit Traders Meeting

Sample by Nicole Keller

This technique provides another use for embossing folders. It does not require an embossing machine.

You will need an embossing folder (or two, or three), colored pencils, gelatos, or other coloring medium, and cardstock or computer paper.

Sue has a new favorite colored pencil; they are the woodless Hardtmuth brand made by KOH-I-NOOR.

1. Open the embossing folder and lay the computer paper (or other paper) on top.

2. Rub the colored pencil or gelato back and forth across the paper.

3. The paper will pick up the texture of the embossing folder, just like a gravestone rubbing you might have done in elementary school.

4. If desired, switch out the embossing folder for a new one with a different pattern, and exchange your colored pencil for another one.

5. Repeat the rubbing on the same paper to pick up the new color and pattern.

Sue suggests trying a rubbing with aluminum foil or deli paper (a thin, wax like paper). Both are available in a handy dispenser box at a restaurant supply store such as Gordon Food Service.