Wax Paper Resist Technique

This technique was shared with the group by Bridgett Davis.

Wax Paper Resist Technique

Supplies Needed:

wax paper

glossy cardstock (1/4 sheet)

iron and ironing board

scrap paper

dye inks

rubber brayer or cosmetic sponges

paper towel or tissue


1) Take a piece of heavy duty foil slightly larger than the cardstock. Fold or crumple it and then smooth it back out.

2) Sandwich the wax paper between two pieces of glossy cardstock, with the glossy sides facing the wax paper. (This will make two background pieces.)

3) Put a piece of scrap paper on the ironing board, the the wax paper 'sandwich', then other piece of scrap paper.

4) Iron over this with an iron set on wool with NO steam.

5) Take the sandwich apart. You can discard the wax paper or save it for another project.

6) Using a brayer or cosmetic wedges, cove the entire glossy surface with dye inks. You may use a single color, a Spectrum multipad color, or multiple dye ink pads. Let dry for a few minutes. 7) Wipe the surface of the cardstock with a paper towel or a tissue.

8) Use as a background layer or stamp directly on it for use in your artwork.