Crumpled Foil Technique

This technique was shared with the group by Bridgett Davis.

Crumpled Foil Technique

Supplies Needed:

heavy duty aluminum foil

non-glossy cardstock (1/4 sheet)

dye inks

rubber brayer

scrap paper


1) Take a piece of heavy duty foil slightly larger than the cardstock. Loosely crumple it into a ball and then smooth it out.

2) Using dye ink pads, dab on top of the wrinkled foil. (Using one color at a time works best.)

3) Place the cardstock on top of the inked foil. Cover it with a piece of scrap paper.

4) Brayer over the cardstock to transfer the ink to the paper.

5) Repeat by dabbing another ink color on the foil (you do not need to re-crumple the foil.)

6) Use this as a background layer or stamp directly on the cardstock.