Crinkled Chalks Technique

This technique was shared with the group by Bridgett Davis.

Crinkled Chalk Technique

Supplies Needed:

Saran Wrap brand plastic wrap

non-glossy cardstock

Colorbox Petal Point chalk inks

coordinating colors of cardstock

Instructions: 1) Take a piece of Saran Wrap and bunch it into a loose ball.

2) Remove the lightest colored petal points inks pads from the holder and dab on the Saran Wrap.

3) Dab the inked Saran Wrap on the cardstock.

4) Repeat with slightly darker ink colors. You can use the same ball of Saran Wrap but you might have to re-scrunch it if it gets too flat.

5) Repeat again with an even darker color ink if desired.

6) Use this as a background layer or stamp directly on the cardstock.