Acetate Smoosh Technique

This technique was shared with the group by Bridgett Davis at the March 2012 Transit Traders Meeting.

Supplies Needed:

acetate report covers

masking tape

watercolor crayons

water bottle with water for misting

white or light colored cardstock

paper towels


1) Prepare the report cover by making a small handle with masking tape for each page. This will allow you to separate the two pages.

2) Open the cover and scribble on the acetate with the watercolor crayons. Do not use complementary colors unless you want to create brown mud.

3) Lightly mist the scribbled crayons with water. 3 to 5 spritzes are about what you will need.

4) Close the cover and use your fingers to smoosh the watercolors.

5) Open the cover.

6) Place two pieces of cardstock back-to-back and place between the cover.

7) Close the cover and smoosh some more with your fingers.

6) 8)Remove the cardstock. Move to a different spot on the cover if desired and repeat steps 6 and 7.

9) Allow the cardstock to air dry. This takes only a few minutes. Trim to size for your ATC background.

6) 10) Clean and dry the acetate with paper towels between colors.


- If you want to use complementary colors, add them in two steps. Smoosh the first color family, allow the paper to dry, and then repeat with the second.

- The amount of water you mist will determine whether you get a speckled look or a watercolor wash effect.

- Try watercolor paper or glossy cardstock for a different look.

- This will not work with wax crayons.